Custom portraits can be produced at any size or on any medium (paper, canvas, etc.).

Pencil & Charcoal
Drawings are done on Strathmore paper unless customer requests other textures such as cotton or vellum finishes.

Paintings are completed on stretched canvases, unless customer requests other mediums such as canvas panels or illustration board.

Wall Murals
Murals are done in and around the Midlands area of South Carolina. Out of town murals are possible depending on the proximity and the amount of work required.

Selecting a photograph.
The clarity and lighting of your photograph makes the difference in the final piece. Professional photos generally produce the best results, but are not required.

After selecting a suitable image, you may email it to me for consultation.

Best Material Selection.
For pencil or charcoal drawings, Strathmore paper gives the best results but other papers do well also.

Paintings work best on stretched canvas, but also do well on canvas panels or illustration board.

Feel free to contact me any time with ideas or concerns regarding your custom artwork.